2Clever SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS Affiliate Program Terms of Service

  1. Introduction: By participating in the 2Clever SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS Affiliate Program, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined below. These terms govern your relationship with 2Clever and outline the rules and regulations for participating in our affiliate program.
  2. Commission Structure: a. Affiliates will receive a standard commission of 25% on each successful sale generated through their referral link. b. Upon reaching 50 successful sales, the affiliate’s commission rate will increase to 40% on every subsequent sale.
  3. Returns and Refunds: a. In the event of a return and subsequent refund, the affiliate’s commission for that particular sale will be deducted. b. The deduction will be reflected in the affiliate’s next commission payout. 2Clever will not accept refunds if the customer did not properly measure the tips of his/her crutches or cane. As detailed on the website and purchase pages, customer can watch the video showing them how to measure the tips at the base, this launch model fits about 85% of all crutch-cane tips sizes of up to 1 3/4-inch diameter at the base. If you encounter a customer that wants the boots but has tips bigger than 1 3/4-inch diameter at the base, email us with all the information and he/she will be put on a waiting list until we receive the next size up from our manufacturer.
  4. Licensing Bonus: a. Affiliates who secure a licensing deal between 2Clever and a mobility aid manufacturer offering similar products will receive a bonus. b. The bonus amounts to 15% of any licensing royalty deal signed as a result of the affiliate’s efforts.
  5. Wholesale/Distribution Bonus: a. Affiliates who successfully secure a wholesale or distribution deal for SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS with retailers such as Walmart, Target, Sears, Walgreen, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, or any other pharmacies in the USA and Canada will receive a bonus. b. The bonus amounts to 15% of the signed wholesale or distribution deal.
  6. Deal Negotiations: a. Affiliates are not authorized to negotiate the conditions of licensing deals or wholesale/distribution deals on behalf of 2Clever. b. Affiliates will refer serious clients interested in dealing with 2Clever, and negotiations will be handled by 2Clever’s authorized representatives.
  7. Commission Payouts: a. Commission payouts will be made each 15 days. b. Payments will be issued through bank transfer once the affiliate’s cumulative earnings reach a minimum threshold of $50.
  8. Contractual Agreements: a. Once a licensing deal or wholesale/distribution deal is finalized and signed, the affiliate will receive their respective bonus under an official contract. b. The contract will outline the terms and conditions of the bonus payout.
  9. Termination of Agreement: a. 2Clever reserves the right to terminate the affiliate’s participation in the program at any time. b. Any violations of these terms or unethical conduct may result in immediate termination.
  10. Modifications to the Terms: 2Clever reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes, and continued participation in the program constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.

By participating in the 2Clever SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.



Affiliate Content Usage Policy

  1. Content Usage Authorization: Affiliates participating in the 2Clever SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS Affiliate Program are authorized to use content from the official website, 2CleverInnovations.com, for the purpose of promoting SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS.
  2. Material in Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliates are encouraged to utilize the promotional materials provided in the affiliate dashboard to enhance their marketing efforts.
  3. Geographical Limitations: The affiliate program is currently applicable only in Canada and the USA. Affiliates are reminded not to promote the product for countries outside of these regions.
  4. Product Shipment Restrictions: SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS will not be shipped to countries other than Canada and the USA. Affiliates should ensure their promotional activities align with this shipping limitation.
  5. Compliance with Terms: Affiliates are expected to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the affiliate agreement. Unauthorized use of content or non-compliance may result in termination from the program.
  6. Promotional Material Customization: Affiliates are permitted to customize promotional material from the affiliate dashboard to suit their marketing strategies, provided such modifications align with the brand image and messaging.
  7. Prohibited Activities: a. Affiliates are prohibited from misrepresenting the product, making false claims, or engaging in any deceptive practices. b. Any use of content that may harm the reputation of 2Clever or SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS is strictly forbidden.
  8. Review and Approval: a. Affiliates are not required to seek explicit approval for content usage. b. However, 2Clever reserves the right to review and request modifications to any content that raises concerns.
  9. Communication: Any questions or clarifications regarding content usage can be directed to the affiliate program support team.

By participating in the 2Clever SafeNDry Crutch BOOTS Affiliate Program, affiliates acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this content usage policy. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the termination of affiliate privileges.